Wednesday, December 12, 2012


The Brunch Babes have teamed up with Goût de Diamants Champagne and bring you A WINTER DIAMONDS BRUNCH AFFAIR this Sunday, December 16th from 12-4pm at 230 5th Rooftop Restaurant/Lounge. Join us for a fabulous $29 AYCE Brunch Buffet, samples of champagne, stunning views of NYC's skyline and a chance to mingle with some awesome folks.

This is our 1st ever brunch event and we look forward to having these every month so look out for more details to our future brunch events!

We hope to see you there!!


The Brunch Babes <3

Friday, June 22, 2012


Another weekend is upon us  and we have survived another work week, suffice to say this one was a SCORCHER! We are happy to say the HIT LIST is back! Think of this as a quick weekend reference guide for Brunch picks. We know that every bruncher has a different price point and requirement of brunch so we have split up the list into some categories and there is something for everybody..  In a gastronomical paradise of over  18,000 restaurants we think this list can be pretty handy! Happy Brunching.


Panorama Cafe 

Where: 1574 2nd Avenue ( Btwn 81-82nd Street)
When: 10 am -4:30 pm Sat & Sun
Phone Number: 212.772.2220
Comments: Located in the trendy Upper East Side for $15 extra convert your brunch into AYCD with a selection of Mimosas, Bellini, Screwdriver & Bloody Mary. No particular need to reserve laid back vibe, varied menu that covers the traditional American breakfast fare to more savory brunch items. Stroll in with friends in tow and get ready for a great time...Tell Homer the babes sent you =)

Vamos NYC

Where: 348 1st Avenue ( Btwn 20-21st Street)

When: 12 pm -4:00 pm Sat & Sun

Phone Number: 212.358.7800

Comments: For an additional $7 dollars ( the price of one cheap drink may we add) you can commence a 90 min AYCD frozen margarita party. Entrees are price between 12-15 dollars a plate, inside and outdoor seating available. Good place for a weekend Brunch date on a budget so treat a special  señorita  or señorito. 

Bistrot Bagatelle

Where: 409 W 13th street ( Btwn 9th Ave & Washington Ave)

When: 1pm – Till you can’t party anymore Saturday. Closed Sunday

Phone Number: 212.255.9717 (Reservations Required)

Comments: This is the home and birthplace of the champagne brunch where if you have an extraordinary event to celebrate or promotion round up the crew and head down. Recently re-launched in May this boozy brunch aims to take you from NYC to St. Tropez in one sitting. Once the brunch party ensues DJ's come out, sparklers from bottles of champagne and strolling out way past dark is what you can expect. If you don't make reservations try to arrive before 2pm to score an entrance for your ritzy friends and you. 


Empire Rooftop

Where: 44 W 63rd street

When: 2pm – Till you can’t party anymore Saturday.

Brunch Menu: Very limited information available seems like this will be more of a liquid brunch. However the rooftop regularly has a menu available so we are sure you will find something to nosh on.
Phone Number: 212.265.7400 (Reservations Required)

Comments: With the grand opening this weekend this party has been dubbed “La Vita Brunch Party” by Empire hotel. From 2pm on you can expect a nonstop brunch party with 360 views of Manhattan of Empires rooftop. Though they haven’t released a menu yet the rooftop has a regular menu and with the infamous Ed’s Chowder House down below we are sure Empire will have decadent eats to match the flowing libations. If you attend make sure to report back from the dance floor!


Groupon Brick NYC- Tribeca

·         The Deal: $29 for two brunch entrees and four drinks (up to an $88 value)$55 for four brunch entrees and eight drinks (up to a $176 value)
Where: 22 Warren Street (Right off of Church Street)
When: Saturday Only 11am-4pm
Phone Number: 212.577.2725
·         Comments: Straight from the Groupon site, “Jazz music fills a dining hall as brunchers eat smoked-salmon Benedict, pizza with fig and goat cheese, and buttermilk pancakes with syrup” 

Gilt City  Dovetails NYC-UWS

The Deal: Prix Fixe Brunch for two is $72. (canapés to share, one entree per person and trio of desserts to share 1 bottle of sparkling wine

Where: 105 W 77th street (Btwn Amsterdam and Columbus)
When: Sundays Only 11:30-2pm
Phone Number: 212.362.3800 
·         Comments: Straight from the Gilt City  site “ Entrees include breakfast-y choices like crab Benedict Swiss served with chard, radish and spicy hollandaise, or a skinny shrimp omelet with melted fennel, as well as lunch-style options lie a trout Cesar salad.” 

You've Been Hit...Now get out there and brunch!

The Brunch Babes

Saturday, June 16, 2012

What's Hot On The Brunch Scene? 3 Places You Must Check Out This Summer

Tired of the same old brunch scene? Looking for some HOT new spots to meet friends or meet a date? Want good deals and boozy brunch ideas? Look no further we have put together a list of 3 spots that you must check out this summer in your NYC brunchventures. Hey, you might even spot the babes!

1) POCO: Located in the East Village on 33 Avenue B at 3rd street, Poco offers an amazing brunch menu created by Abe Lopez,  season 7 winner of Food Network's "Chopped". With an all you can drink brunch for only $26.95 with your entree, this place is an immediate hit! Not just any boozy brunch let me tell you! You have the choice of mimosas, bloody marys or sangria all served in these huge mason jars. What other place serves mimosas in mason jars? Say hi to Rachel, the bartender for us, she sure knows how to hook it up!

You have the option of sitting indoors or outdoors depending on the weather of course.

What to EAT?
Pictured above is the lobster eggs benedict which is served on a crispy arepa topped with two poached eggs and pimiento hollandaise sauce (DELICIOUS!). Other brunch dishes included: one of their popular dishes the Lobster Mac N Cheese as well as a great take on some brunch faves: Poco Benedict, French Toast, Truffled Mushroom Omelet, Chorizo Hash and more.
 *Also serve vegetarian friendly options.

Follow POCO on twitter at @poconyc for all the scoop on their brunches and other great specials!

2) CALLE OCHO: Located in the Upper West Side on West 81st St between Columbus and Central Park West inside The Excelsior Hotel, Calle Ocho serves one of the best Latin brunches in NYC. (Don't believe us? Check it out for yourself!) Included with your entree, you can enjoy UNLIMITED sangrias and not just one flavor but 8 different flavors ranging from fresas, mojito tropical and more! Mixing is encouraged!

What to EAT?
We love options and this place brings you some amazing brunch entrees. After all celebrity chef Alex Garcia created this menu. We expect nothing less. Pictured above on the top left is the Tortilla Espanola (Spanish fritata with asparagus, potatoes, piquillo peppers and wild mushrooms over a crab enchilado) and on the bottom right hand corner is the Vegetariano (wild mushroom paella, Guatemalan green salad with sweet pea vinaigrette). Other options include some of their more popular dishes: Vaca Frita, Burrito Sucio and the Pollo Ranchero. You can pair any of these with a side of yuca fries, sweet plantains or some avocados and you will be glad to have ever come across this blog.
*Vegetarian friendly.

Follow Calle Ocho on twitter at @calleochonyc for more info and other great deals!

3) HK CAFE: Located in Hell's Kitchen on the corner of 39th and Broadway this posh brunch spot offers not only an alfresco brunch scene but all you can drink brunch which includes bloody marys, bellinis, mimosas AND screwdrivers for an additional $17.95. One cool thing about this place is that you can begin drinking at the bar while you wait for your brunch gang or while you wait for your table. (Get that brunch party started!)

What to EAT?
Pretty much anything brunchy you are craving you will find it in HK's menu. Whether you are in the mood for some Egg's Benedicts with Lobster or with spinach and mushrooms (pictured above)  or if you are in the mood for some pancakes or waffles this place is a winner. Other great options are the Grilled Steak and Eggs, the HK Burger, Moules Frite, HK Fritata and much more!
*Vegetarian friendly options.

Check out HK's website for more info on their brunch menu:!

There you have it folks some great recommendations you HAVE to try this summer! Let us know when you visit and make sure you tell them the Brunching Babes sent you! Enjoy your brunch filled weekend and make sure to come back to for more blog posts, brunch reviews and much more!

Live, Laugh, Brunch,

The Brunching Babes <3

Friday, June 15, 2012

It’s Been A Long Time…

Mic check 1,2,1, anybody out there? It’s been a long time we shouldn’t have left you without a dope BRUNCH to step too…I think it was appropriate to quote the late and great Aaliyah in this situation. Well the truth is these Babes have sorely missed you! You fierce ever-loving brunch crowd who through thick and thin are willing to troop near and far for an amazing meal, great company, the numerous deals, the fun memories and madness that brunching can induce. Of course, let us not forget also to sip the sweet and sacred weekend brunch nectar, booze… here we have one tried and true saying: “We Salute” you or “Recruit you”, so here we are Cadet Brunch Babes reporting back to the dance floor for duty.

If you’ve been hanging with us in the jungles of social media (@brunchinee) you can see we’ve still been chirping out the deals and booking our face off on your timelines with all the fascinating meals and discounts that cross our inboxes and plates, however we sorely miss updating you on the weekend warrior brunchventures these babes have been having and the groovy people we meet, or meet with to eat and trust me there have been some epic stories..but In between hectic days, traveling for work/pleasure and the daily nuances of life and our responsibilities it’s crazy how fast some of your biggest passions can slip to the back burner while things you swore you’d never forget about quickly gather dust.  Has this ever happened to you?  Well Guilty! Yet like any good stew our brunch pot has been simmering on that back burner this whole time and we’ve been busy beefing up our little Brunchinée baby with tons more ideas and flavor that we are ready to serve up!

We will be back with some of our old favorites like the weekly survival guide, Brunch Babes Weekend Hit List as well as recap/reviews of everything we get our little snouts into. However, expect new sections too such as interviews with chefs or fabulous guests we have for brunch, recipes (originals and  replicas) of our fave brunches for your kitchen and friends but also ways to link up with the babes in person at brunch centered events! So pull up a chair and RSVP because Chez Brunchinée is back in business and your brunches or weekends will never be the same.


The Brunch Babes

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weekend Hitlist: Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly Brunches

So you are a vegetarian or a vegan and you are looking for some awesome brunches in NYC? No worries! The Brunch Babes got you covered. You shouldn't be punished for living a healthy lifestyle so we put together a list of some delicious brunch spots that will have your non vegan friends saying "Are you sure this is vegan food?".

Check out this HIT LIST!

1) Cafe Blossom: Voted "Best Vegetarian Restaurant" in 2008 and 2009 on Time Out NY and with 3 different locations in NYC, this brunch spot is sure to have you coming back for more veg friendly dishes. They offer some delicious brunch entrees including the Blossom Country Breakfast (tofu scramble, sweet potato hash, sauteed mushrooms, mesclun salad, toast), French Toast made with organic maple syrup/strawberry yogurt sauce & fresh fruit, Homestyle Pancakes (choice of chocolate chip or blueberries and pictured the Big Blossom Breakfast. And let's not forget some brunch cocktails! Blossom serves mimosas, bimosas (bilberry juice),  and pimosas (pomegranate). They also have a fresh juice bar. All 100% vegan and 100% DELICIOUS!

Locations: 187 9th Ave (West 21st St.), 466 Columbus Ave (Upper West Side) and 174 9th Ave (West 21st St.)

2) V-Note Organic Wine Bar and Vegan Bistro: Located in the Upper East Side on 1st Ave near 80th st.  this beautifully decored vegan restaurant offers a great brunch. From breakfast cravings (French Toast, Tofu Scramble), to salads (South of the Border, Beet salad, Ceasar salad), to sandwiches (Soy Bacon Cheeseburger, Southern Seitan Sandwich, BLT), to entrees (Crispy Thai Tofu, Burrito, Pasta Pacherri) this place does not disappoint! Fresh juices, smoothies, shakes, organic wines and beers also available. A must try vegan gem!

3) Bliss Cafe: Located on 191 Bedford Ave in Brooklyn, NY (Williamsburg) this cute little vegetarian cafe offers a big brunch menu with a BYOB option and brunch being served until 4pm. Now we are talking! Blss Cafe offers brunch entrees such as the Breakfast Burrito, Vegan Burrito with tofu scramble, Bagels, French Toast, Vegan Pancakes, 3 Bean Chili, Nachos, Quesadillas, Veggie Burgers, Salads and more. Bring a bottle of wine or a flask and enjoy!

Hope all of our Veg brunchers enjoyed this post. We promise to bring you some more options and reviews for these places.


-The Brunching Babes <3

Friday, October 7, 2011

Weekend Hit List Fall Brunching Edition

1. Vamos

Located right on the border of NYC’s Stuy town this little gem (not so little) is hidden right on the corner of 1st ave btwn 21st and 22nd street. I’ll get right to it this sweet little deal which offers you for an additional $7 buckaroos an AYCD frozen margaritas party which lasts 90 min for you and your party once you commence brunch. Do not be discouraged by the time limit these babes usually hate being restricted, we say either be an AYCD or an A La Carte …but trust me one sip of this thick concoction & you will understand why! They prefer to keep the party to the table not on it lol. With entrees priced between $12-15 and a great little taco platter you can order post brunch if you need more food to bind that liquor with everybody wins. We recommend any of the egg dishes such as Huevos Rancheros, Benedictos or with Chorizo.    

Also good for: Large groups as they have big communal tables available, Sports Watching with all the TV’s, Al Fresco brunching available.

More Information :
Brunch 11am -4pm

2. Macondo NYC

Located on 157 E Houston Street (between Allen and Eldridge) in one of our fave NYC hoods ,the Lower East Side, and sharing the same moniker as the name of the town in one of our most beloved books Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “One Hundred Years Of Solitude”, Macondo the self professed "casual Latino eatery" has a brunch that looks anything but! Poke around in their about section and you will find that they aim to introduce Latin street foods elevated to a gourmet level. Serving up brunch on both Saturday & Sunday from 11am for the early risers until 4pm for the nighttime warriors one glance at their menu and you will find an impressive proverbial culinary tour of Latin America. Although not mentioned on the online menu you can order Mimosas & Bloody Marys a la carte with your brunch. They even denote vegetarian friendly dishes! Such as an eggplant based lasagna and mushroom with manchego omelette  with which my recent obsessions fits in perfectly. However the pork belly under Cocas in the menu, Argentinean skirt steak and chimichurri burger which touts shorts ribs and manchego cheese ( can you tell we love QUESO)in its ingredients list have cause  for high alert on the brunch babe radar!

Also good for: Smaller groups, sampling new cuisine

More Information:
Sat & Sun 11am- 4pm

3. Le Comptoir

Located on 251 Grand St in the billyburg, cool code for Williamsburg, this CASH only brunch is bringing... you guessed it the Frenchie cuisine to this part of BK. If there’s one thing we love about the French besides the fries it’s how much they love their food wine and cheese. What’s more to love than this environmentally friendly and conscious establishment. As stated on their menu they support locally sourced & seasonal ingredients wherever they can. Hence if you go Brunch at this time of year you will see the menu is labeled Automne”  the frenchie word for-that’s right Autumn! You will find the beloved staples such as Croque-Monsieur ou madame (egg on top) , if you have never had this its French ham with melted cheese and I need you to go to there now, as well as “Tartine au Short ribs” and a “Chicken with Crudite” salad if you are looking for lighter brunch fare. Another fun factor is here you and your guests decide how many notches you want to turn the party up with the ability to pay $24.50 for an AYCD Mimosas, Bloody Mary and Rossini’s with your entrée. If you choose this option there are plenty of places to keep the party going in this hood.

More Information:
Saturday & Sunday 11 am – 4pm               

4.  Cafe Blossom - UWS

Im not going to bamboozle my meat lovers as I am one of them. With three thriving locations we will tell you straight up this place serves up Vegan cuisine. We will also tell you that we tried the UWS location btwn 82nd & 83rd on Columbus and ave and this place makes a Soy Bacon Cheeseburger that can rival most regular burgers and will leave you and your taste buds feeling extremely satisfied. However having undertaken becoming a weekday vegetarian recently this babe has been in search of tasty eats that don’t trade calories for flavor. If it taste like grass it belongs in the park. SOOoooo we were extremely delighted after said burger tasting that Blossom has used its flower power to create a full and extremely tasty brunch menu complete with Mimosas Bellinis and Bimosas a la carte for $7 each. What is Bimosa you asked? A champagne & bilberry juice concoction. Haven’t heard of the bilberry before? Don’t worry us either but upon research we found it has many many health benefits some of which are improved eyesight! The better to see your brunch with my dear ;). The menu looks delish, filling , healthy and brunchtastic! This babe will be going straight for the “ Blossom Country Breakfast” which includes sweet potato hash browns, you can pause to wipe drool now, tofu scramble, mushrooms, apple chutney and I will be getting a side of that famed tempeh bacon found on the cheeseburger. If you pop in this weekend you may catch the babes brunching about.

More Information:
Sat & Sun 11am-4pm

There you have it. You've been hit by the babes. Now go enjoy some of this great fall weather we are experiencing in NYC. Don't forget to...

                                                                               Live, Laugh, Brunch
                                                                               The Brunching Babes

Sunday, September 25, 2011

San Gennaro Feast in NYC!

Last week, resident babe Erika checked out the San Gennaro Feast in Little Italy which ran from Sept 15th and ends TODAY (Sept 25th). This annual feast brings over one million people to the streets of Little Italy and celebrates San Gennaro, the patron saint of Naples. As seen on The Godfather 3 and The Sopranos, this feast not only brings millions of people out but live music, street vendors, delicious Italian food, and more! Check out some of the pics below and if you have a chance go check it out today after brunch! You may find some after brunch yummy treats! A Mangiar!


Fresh Mozarella Cheese Nestled in Sweet Tender Cornbread Grilled to Perfection!

Juice Stand!

Pina Coladas in Coconuts
Grilled Corn on a Cob

Fried Food
Chorizo Paella
Spanish Paella

Italian Sausage

Pete's Fried Oreos, Snickers, Twinkies
Gelato Tastings
There you have it folks! Today after you get your brunch on hurry on over to Little Italy! If not there is always next year!

Mangia! Mangia!